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About Us

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Fasika Spice and Baltina company is working on processing and manufacturing of different Spices and Baltina products and and sold its products locally and

internationally. The company started by a visionary family in 1991G.C in Addis Ababa Ethiopia and still run by the family.


Our company provides a high quality very healthy and testy spice and baltina products to the customers with very affordable price and the company uses a very different types of quality control system and it starts from the farming to transportation also cleaning and manufacturing with a food grade standard machineries.

Fasika Spice and Baltina is the first spice manufacturing company in Ethiopia started from that time the company is serving a best quality products to the market and since we have lots of years of experience and knowledge about the business and peoples need we always dedicated to our to all our works and we are here to serve more.


Our company working since 1991 G.C and for the past years providing a very high quality spice and baltina products for local and international market currently the company working on 3different manufacturing facilities and 3 retail shops in the city and 4 delivery vans for the wholesale market and export to UK and Netherlands. And we have more then 60 employees and 90% of the employees are women’s and annually the company generate more the 350000usd for the firm and also the country.

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To become one of the leading companies in Africa in consistence supplying of excellent quality ISO and organic certified processed spice herbs and sausage products to the international market.